Free86ISO88592 Version 10 77K

If you use the X Window System and you want to display Central European fonts, you should install the XFree86-ISO8859-2 package.

This package contains a full set of Central European fonts, in compliance with the ISO 8859-2 standard. The fonts included in this package are distributed free of charge and can be used freely, subject to the accompanying copyright:

Copyright (c) 1996, 1997 BIZNET Poland, Inc. All Rights Reserved. BIZNET is a registered trademark of BIZNET Poland, Inc.

You may also need to install one or more other XFree86 fonts packages.

To install the X Window System, you will need to install the XFree86 package, the XFree86 package which corresponds to your video card, the X11R6-contrib package, the Xconfigurator package and the XFree86-libs package.

Finally, if you are going to develop applications that run as X clients, you will also need to install XFree86-devel.

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