Obtaining the Crack package

For general information about the Crack software, read the Frequently Asked Questions Web page at www.users.dircon.co.uk/~crypto/download/c50-faq.html. Crack can be downloaded via FTP from the /pub/tools/unix/pwdutils/crack/ directory at ftp://ftp.cerias.purdue.edu/. At the time of this writing, 5.0 is the current version of Crack. In this case, the file crack5.0.tar.gz is the one to download. If you find a higher version number when you look in the directory, download that newer version instead.

Alternatively, you can download the file Crack_5.0a.tar.gz from the directory /pub/tools/password/Crack/ on the server ftp://ftp.cert.dfn.de/.

After you have downloaded the file, extract it using the tar command. From the same directory that contains the downloaded file, type the following command

# tar -xzvf crack5.0.tar.gz to uncompress and extract the Crack package. It will create a directory called c50a in the current directory. That directory will contain the Crack program as well as the other files and directories that the Crack package requires.

To use the Crack 5.0a package, follow these steps: 1.

Using a Web browser, go to the page

www.users.dircon.co.uk/~crypto/download/c50-linux-util-makefile.txt and save the page to the file c50a/src/util/Makefile in the directory to which you extracted the Crack package. Your browser should prompt you to replace the existing Makefile.

Click Yes to overwrite the older Makefile with the newer version that fixes the compile problem.

Next, compile the Crack package. Change your current directory to the c50a directory (using the cd command) and then type the following:

# ./Crack -makeonly to convert the source code for the Crack package into executable code.

Next, you need to prepare the dictionary files that Crack will use when trying to guess passwords. Do that with the following command:

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