Sending email

To send e-mail by using Evolution, do the following:

1. Start the Evolution program by clicking the Evolution icon from the desktop panel.

2. Click New from the navigation bar to open the Compose a Message dialog box, as shown in Figure 3-7.

3. In the To field, enter the e-mail address to whom you are sending the e-mail. Then enter a subject and the body of the message.

4. To attach a file to the email, click Attach from the navigation bar and browse to select the file.

5. When you finish composing your message, click Send.

You can do a lot more with Evolution than just send and receive e-mail. You should do some experimenting with Evolution to learn more about its scheduling and time management features. You can begin your exploration of scheduling by clicking the Calendars button on the left side of the Evolution window. The calendar opens, showing today's date and hourly listings in a large calendar as well as a smaller calendar showing the entire month. You can double-click a time in the large calendar display to open a dialog box to schedule an event for that time. If you click a date on the small calendar, the date changes on the large calendar to show the date that you selected.

Figure 3-7:

Use the Compose a Message dialog box to send e-mail.

Figure 3-7:

Use the Compose a Message dialog box to send e-mail.

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