Other Web servers available for Fedora and RHEL

Some other Web servers that can run on Fedora and other Red Hat Linux distributions are described in the following list, with URLs that provide more detailed information.

• lighttpd — The lighttpd Web server (http: //www.lighttpd.net) is built for security, speed, compliance and flexibility. It is particularly optimized for high performance environments because it has a low memory footprint and balances cpu-load. Sites such as YouTube, Wikipedia, and meebo have used lighttpd for some specialty Web applications.

• tclhttpd — TheTclHttpd Web server (tclhttpd package) is created in the Tool Command Language (TCL). Besides acting as a Web server, TclHttpd can also be used as a TCL application server.

• thttpd — The thttpd HTTP server (http://acme.com/software/thttpd) was designed to be simple, small, portable, fast, and secure. Its creators call it a tiny, turbo, throttling HTTP server. It implements little more than the minimum needed to be HTTP/1.1 compliant, so it can run much faster than many larger Web servers under extreme loads.

• XSP — The XSP Web server (xsp package) can run ASP.NET applications, as well as related services for working with ASP.NET applications.

• Zope — In addition to being able to serve Web content, Zope includes features for adding news, membership information, and search capabilities. Originally created by Zope Corporation (http://www.zope.org), Zope is now available as an open source project covered under the GPL. Zope is not included with the current version of Fedora or RHEL. You can get Zope from the Zope development site (http://zope.sourceforge.net). Zope is python-based.

• CERN (W3C) Jigsaw 2.2.6 —The latest HTTP/1.1 reference server, written completely in Java and freely available, can be found at http://www.w3.org/Jigsaw. It features extensive caching, an improved mechanism for executing external programs (although CGI is also supported), and a graphical administration tool.

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