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The Palette is the key component in Glade. Here you will find all the widgets you can use to create your interface. The Palette displays three different kinds of widgets: GTK+ Basic, GTK+ Additional, and Gnome. There are buttons for each at the top of the Palette window, and clicking on one will display the widgets available for each category. GTK+ Basic, as the name suggests, provides basic components such as buttons, windows, and menus. GTK+ Additional provides more sophisticated, though less commonly used, GTK+ widgets. Gnome lists the Gnome widgets. These conform to the functions in the Gnome libraries. Of particular note is the Gnome application window, which provides a Gnome application window with basic menus and toolbar already installed. Figure 4 shows the Glade Palette displaying the GTK+ widgets.

GTK+ Basic GTK+ Additional

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