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Marta Barcelo is Director of Operations, co-founder of ISECOM, and is responsible for ISECOM business operations. In early 2003, she designed the process for the Hacker Highschool project, developing and designing teaching methods for the website and individual and multilingual lessons. Later that same year, she developed the financial and IT operations behind the ISESTORM conferences. In 2006, Marta was invited to join the EU-sponsored Open Trusted Computing consortium to manage ISECOM's participation within the project, including financial and operating procedures. In 2007, she began the currently running advertising campaign for ISECOM, providing all creative and technical skills as well as direction.


Marta maintains the media presence of all ISECOM projects and provides technical server administration for the websites. She attended Mannheim University of Applied Sciences in Germany and graduated with a masters in computer science.

In addition to running ISECOM, Marta has a strong passion for the arts, especially photography and graphic design, and her first degree is in music from the Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona.

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