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An attacker would just say that alarms are cool. This is because of the word itself: alarm, meaning emergency, unexpected damage, threat—meaning "Somebody will take care of this, and it won't be me." Many IT departments approach physical security issues related to "alarm" dialups in this way: better not change it.

Alarms generally refer to elevators, physical security alarms (often connected to an outsourced private physical-security company, see above paragraph), fire alarms, CC/ TV systems, and so on. Devices are usually owned by customers, but the customers are not normally able to manage these assets: Patching and remote management is typically outsourced to the external supplier.

The result is translated into an unsupervised attack path that definitely should be tried. This scenario lacks security best practices, and an experienced penetration tester should be able to gain access to the target company after just ten minutes of fun.

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