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In our opinion, toll-free numbers are more dangerous than standard "local" phone numbers. Given the logic of wardialing and the history of famous hackers and phone phreakers during the '80s and '90s, attackers prefer to start phone-scans that are free "by default." Attackers can easily abuse the telephone network and avoid the billing (and revealing the origin) of their phone calls. Toll-free is toll-free. Among the various wardialing targets (toll-free, special numbers, local town, local area, local region, national, international/long-distance), toll-free numbers are the preferred targets for PSTN (and ISDN) scanning.

Consequently, scanning and brute-force attacks can come from all kinds of attackers: inexperienced teens, script-kiddies, amateurs, black hats, or industrial spies. Toll-free dialup security testing should be the priority requirement when dealing with PSTN/ ISDN dialups in a planned penetration test where the customer wants you to secure the company's phone communication media.

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