Armand Puccetti

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Armand Puccetti is a research engineer and project manager at CEA-LIST (a department of the French Nuclear Energy Agency, where he is working in the Software Safety Laboratory. He is involved in several European research projects belonging to the MEDEA+, EUCLID, ESSI, and FP6 programs. His research interests include formal methods for software and hardware description languages, semantics of programming languages, theorem provers, compilers, and event-based simulation techniques. Before moving to CEA in 2000, he was employed as a project manager at C-S (Communications & Systems,, a privately owned software house. At C-S he contributed to numerous software development and applied research projects, ranging from CASE tools and compiler development to military simulation tools and methods (http://escadre.cad.etca .fr/ESCADRE) and consultancy.

He graduated from INPL ( where he earned a Ph.D. in 1987 in the Semantics and Axiomatic Proof for the Ada Programming Language.

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