Authentication Server

Assuming that you already have a WEP-encrypted wireless network established and running and you want to migrate to a full-blown WPA (not WPA-PSK) setup, you can configure Linux to become the backend authentication server using open-source packages such as FreeRADIUS.

This setup is only possible if your current APs are already WPA-capable, without which you might want to consider building your own APs as described in the preceding sections or take the easy way out and purchase new off-the-shelf hardware.

FreeRADIUS is available at and is also found in a number of Linux distributions as optional packages to be installed. Once installed, the configuration file for the FreeRADIUS server is usually, but not always, found in the /etc/raddb directory. However, you should always do a slocate or find command for the radiusd .conf file just to be sure of its storage location.

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