Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol

Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol (BNEP) can be used to encapsulate various network protocols such as IP or IPX within L2CAP. One design goal of the protocol is to keep the protocol overhead as low as possible to get the maximum out of the available bandwidth. BNEP is capable of handling various network profiles because it encapsulates Ethernet frames into L2CAP frames and vice versa. During the encapsulation a BNEP header will replace the Ethernet header. The payload will never be modified.

BNEP is closely related to the PAN profile. This profile defines everything that is necessary to build personal area networks. Such a network usually involves up to seven clients (called Personal Area Network Users, or PANUs) and a master. The latter one is capable of forwarding packets between the PANUs and connecting the ad hoc network with another network such as the Internet.

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