Cisco Systems

Typing the command show interfaces on a Cisco IOS will allow you to check if some of the serial interfaces have an assigned NUA, so that the Cisco IOS can perform X.25 calls to public or private X.25 networks. The IOS command to make X.25 calls is pad.

The penetration tester will also find the show x2 5 map command useful because it lists the network maps between the IP and the X.25 world: This is commonly found when analyzing private X.25 networks, but can be found as well on public X.25 networks.

Another useful command is sh x2 5 route, which lists the X.25 routings managed by the Cisco; these routings can be related to data, voice, or other kind of information.

If you have the enable password for the Cisco IOS, analyzing its whole configuration (show run or show conf) will allow you to study the X.25 configuration of the box.

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