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The unique nature of VoIP adds a number of security concerns to existing network technology. Specifically, the converging data and voice networks may introduce new avenues of attack:

• VLAN hopping via terminal access Exploiting phone ports that are usually configured for trunking

• Network sniffing Gathering information useful for enumeration and reconnaissance, such as an extension to IP address mapping

• Disruption of QoS If maximum bandwidth is not enforced at switch port level

• Other specific attacks aimed at lower-level protocols Including Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)

Furthermore, VoIP-ready firewalls may bring some new unexpected holes, while interconnections to the traditional PSTN network may represent a juicy target for an attacker willing to play with SS7, MGCP, Megaco/H.248, and such. Finally, converging networks introduce new annoying phenomena, such as Spam over Internet Telephony (popularly known as SPIT), VoIPhishing, and VoIP War Dialing.

As with conventional IP networks, the described attacks can compromise each requirement of the CIA paradigm, specifically leading to toll fraud, call eavesdropping and tracing, call hijacking, caller ID spoofing, and denial of service.

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