Defeating the Authentication Process

The identification process can be attacked in multiple ways. Commonly, when authentication controls are found on Linux systems, they are in the form of logins/ passwords for the system and services, malware detectors like Trojan horse and rootkit scanners, SPAM filtering, and proper user detection like CAPTCHA. To defeat these types of authentication controls, you must still attack parts of the process:

• Brute-force Trying all possible combinations of characters

• Dictionary Trying all the reasonable letter combinations based on words in the language in which the criteria have been set

• Circumvention Bypassing the identification or authentication verification processes

• Taint Changing the identification criteria to include the attacking agent

• Fraud Defrauding the identification criteria with a false identity

• Hijack Stealing the identity or authorization token of another agent matching the required criteria

• Deny Overwhelming the identification process with valid and invalid requests to slip through unnoticed

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