Disable Booting from Removable Media

If removing the password is not possible, the drive is really only protected while in its original box. If necessary, it is generally possible to extract the drive and connect it to another box, boot into any version of Linux, mount the drive, and change or remove the password as mentioned at the beginning of this chapter.

Using this method, attackers can easily gain root access. The only way to truly protect data is to prevent attackers from getting access to the drive contents. Therefore, the drive contents must be unreachable and/or useless to unintended users.

However limited, a BIOS password is still a layer of protection that should be implemented on secure servers. The intent is to provide layered security that will stop a significant portion of would-be attackers because they lack the time, patience, tools, physical access to the box itself, or knowledge to circumvent the protection measure.

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