Handling Electronic Evidence

Sometimes getting the forensic evidence off the machine correctly is not enough. If the evidence needs to be used in legal matters, then you need to be extremely careful about how you get the incriminating information and not just if you can get it. This is what it means to have electronic evidence.

Electronic evidence is an instrument that, little by little, is starting to become a part of our daily life and is acquiring increasing importance in lawsuits. It can be affirmed that traditional evidence is migrating from paper supporting documents toward a virtual environment, and its management processes and criteria for admissibility are changing with respect to traditional evidence.

We assume that electronic evidence is the proper medium to prove the perpetration of crimes committed with new technology, and we define it as any information obtained from an electronic device or digital medium that serves to prove the truth of a deed. Due to the importance of this new procedural tool, examining the admissibility of electronic evidence in court as a means of combating technological crimes is fundamental.

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