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Once your system is up and running, there are other hardware components you will benefit from or require. If you're serious about digital forensics, these tools should be part of your standard equipment. You'll need them in your day-to-day work in the field.

Hardware Description

Interface converter for SATA2/ATA-133 3.5"/ATA-133 2.5" to USB converter.

mass storage

Hardware tools Buy yourself a good screwdriver set and it will pay for itself, at the very least include some Torx bits. If you're more on the geek side of things, take a look at Victorinox Cybertool 41.

Camera Any 4 M-pixel (or greater) camera with optical zoom, macro function, and video capture. Not "required" but handy in the field.

Cables Cat 6 UTP, USB A-B, USB A-miniB, Firewire 6 to 6, and

Firewire 6 to 4, IRDA adapter, Ipod cables, cell-phone data cables.



External storage

Some USB/Firewire/eSATA external hard disks. Take into account that USB and Firewire chipsets will drive you mad if you don't take your time to review feedback from users before buying.

Hard disks

Some ATA and SATA new hard disks (don't break the seals—it always makes you look good to break seals in front of the client even though you have to take five minutes to format the drive later on).


Some 4.7 and 9Gb black DVD (+/-R not RW)

Plastic bag, labels, and seals

To correctly store and label evidence. Shoot for antistatic bags if you can. If you want to shoot all the way up, get tamper-evident bags.

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