Intel Centrino and IPW2200

Probably the most common wireless chipset on the planet, the Intel Centrino-branded wireless adapters use the open-source drivers developed under the IPW2200 project at However, the Centrino/IPW2200chipset/driver combination does not offer master mode at the time of writing, putting it in the same category as the Ralink/RT2x00. A separate driver project that enables master mode is underway at http://, but this driver is separate, meaning you'll have to load both on your Linux box if you need to operate using all modes. For those on pre-Centrino Intel wireless hardware, i.e., the IntelPR0/Wireless2100 chipset, you can get your Linux drivers at The Centrino is a little more crippled than the preceding chipsets because, although it allows monitor mode, the native drivers currently do not allow frame-injection, which limits its usefulness in wireless auditing.

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