Introduction to VoIP Testing Tools

In the past decade, the advancement of security testing tools has greatly improved the network engineer's ability to assess and mitigate security risks across IP data networks. Despite the inherent limitations of testing (as explained by well-known computer scientist Edsger Dijkstra, "Testing can prove the presence of bugs, but not their absence"), security tools such as protocol analyzers and vulnerability assessment utilities are among the primary weapons in a security professional's arsenal. Whereas programs aimed at testing the security of mature technologies are generally strong, developing comprehensive security tools in the early stages of the lifecycle of an emerging technology remains difficult. Because of that, the continued growth of VoIP has not been matched yet by security assessment technology. Currently, only a few effective testing tools are available to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in a VoIP environment.

While performing the research aimed at creating our attack taxonomy, several free software products were evaluated to determine their effectiveness at auditing VoIP networks. Unfortunately, most of the tested tools were found to have more or less serious flaws that limit their usefulness in real-life scenarios, suffering from either interface, robustness, scalability, or functional issues. Auditors should, therefore, employ these tools with caution, realizing most of them are still under heavy development and do not always perform as claimed. They should not rely on them solely to secure a VoIP deployment properly.

That said, the situation is rapidly evolving. Many commercial companies and open-source groups have finally begun facing the new security challenges introduced by VoIP and are already tailoring testing tools specific for VoIP. In the next months huge growth in this area is expected.

Table 7-1 contains the organized list of the best noncommercial VoIP signaling testing tools. The vast majority of them are compatible with the Linux platform. Figure 7-4 demonstrates the SIP vulnerability scanner, SiVuS.



Implementation Testing


The first publicly available vulnerability scanner for VoIP networks that use the SIP protocol


Test suite aimed at evaluating protocol-level security and robustness of SIP implementations


Test suite aimed at evaluating protocol-level security


and robustness of H.225 implementations


Collection of protocol handlers for core VoIP protocols, part of the upcoming Tactical VoIP Toolkit by the grugq

SIP Proxy

Open-source VoIP security testing tool, featuring the ability to manipulate SIP traffic and fuzz SIP stack implementations


SIP Forum Test Framework, aimed at testing SIP devices for common implementation errors


Swiss army knife for developers and administrators of SIP applications and devices


Mashup of nmap and SIPsak, able to locate and fingerprint remote SIP devices


An IAX2 login enumerator using REGREQ messages


Wardialer based on the IAX2 protocol


SCTP protocol scanner, part of the SIGTRanalyzer Security Suite

SIP Bomber

Another tool for stress-testing SIP protocol implementations


Test tool and traffic generator for the SIP protocol

Table 7-1 Signaling Protocols Implementation Testing Tools




H.323 call generator


Simple program that generates bogus SIP messages and sends them to any user


A collection of malformed SIP packets


An open-source multiprotocol traffic generator


SIP applications for testing and monitoring communication of SIP messages

Hacking Exposed VoIP

A collection of VoIP testing tools (including SIPSCAN) written by the authors of Hacking Exposed VoIP

A collection of testing tools for SIP implementations, including sip-scan, sip-kill, sip-redirectrtp, rtpproxy, and sip-proxykill

SIP Send Fun

Tiny command-line script that exploits SIP phones' vulnerabilities


Extremely powerful interactive packet manipulation program


The best network vulnerability scanner

Traffic Analysis and



SIP protocol login sniffer and cracker

SIPv6 Analyzer

Packet analysis tool for IPv6 SIP-based VoIP applications


Framework for inspection, analysis, and manipulation of tcpdump trace files


Tool for dumping SIP sessions to disk in PCAP format


Web interface for SIP tracing, a SIP session debugger


Collection of awk and shell scripts that will take a capture file and produce a call-flow sequence diagram


Another tool to draw call-flow diagrams common in the telecommunications industry

SIP Scenario

Tool that generates HTML SIP call-flows from Wireshark traces

Table 7-1 Signaling Protocols Implementation Testing Tools (continued)

Figure 7-4 SiVuS in action

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