JTSS Wrapper

jTSS Wrapper, developed by IAIK (Graz University of Technology, Austria), implements the TSP layer of the TSS stack for the Java language. It provides an object-oriented interface to Java developers, so they can develop Trusted Computing applications directly by using language bindings for Java.

In addition to jTSS, jTPM Tools is also provided and includes a set of command-line utilities for advanced Linux users, similar to TrouSerS' TPM tools. jTPM Tools also has the ability to create AIKs and AIK certificates, using the TCcert tool also developed and published by IAIK. (These are, more exactly, self-certificates since this particular tool does not use any certificate authority; a Privacy-CA package has been released recently to provide more general certificates.) TCcert implements the "TCG Infrastructure Credential Profiles version 1.0" and supports the creation of the following credentials: the TPM Endorsement Key (EK) credential, which ensures the TPM is a valid TPM; the Platform Endorsement (PE) credential, which ensures the TPM was added to the platform following TCG rules and guidelines; and the Attestation Identity Key (AIK) credential, which ensures that the AIK is associated with a valid TPM. Conformance and validation credentials, which respectively ensure that the platform conforms to the TCG standards and best practices, and that integrity measurements are correct, are not yet supported by TCcert.

Furthermore, IAIK implemented the XML Key Management Specification (XKMS) version 2.0 protocol in Java, a standard defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and one of the candidates for a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protocol serving a Trusted Computing infrastructure. XKMS is used for managing and exchanging cryptographic keys and provides a universal interface to many key management systems, such as X.509, SPKI, or PGP.

jTSS, jTPM, TCcert, and XKMS can be obtained from http://trustedjava.sourceforge.net/.

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