Julian Hammer Jammer Ho

Julian "HammerJammer" Ho is co-founder of ThinkSECURE Pte, Ltd., (http:// securitystartshere.org), an Asia-based practical IT security certification/training authority and professional IT security services organization and an ISECOM-certified OPST trainer.

Julian was responsible for design, implementation, and maintenance of security operations for StarHub's Wireless Hotzones in Changi International Airport Terminals 1 and 2 and Suntec Convention Centre. He is one half of the design team for BlackOPS:HackAttack 2004, a security tournament held in Singapore; AIRRAID (Asia's first-ever pure wireless hacking tournament) in 2005; and AIRRAID2 (Thailand's first-ever public hacking tournament) in 2008. He also contributed toward research and publication of the WCCD vulnerability in 2006.

Julian created and maintains the OSWA-Assistant wireless auditing toolkit, which was awarded best in the Wireless Testing category and recommended/excellent in the LiveCDs category by Security-Database.com in their "Best IT Security and Auditing Software 2007" article.

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