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These types of attacks provide the attacker with the ability to locate or track an RFID-tagged asset based on known returned information. For example, some RFID tags use encryption algorithms to encrypt the data, making it unreadable. However, until the tags are unlocked, they transmit a clear-text hash that can be used to identify the asset.

This is the same for tags that use UIDs stored in clear text. These provide an attacker with the ability to track the asset. In most cases, the UID will not identify an individual specifically, but it will allow you to track and identify a person after the UID is matched to a certain individual. This is not the case if the UID changes (as with certain remote garage-door openers, which generate a new UID every time they are used). However, most RFID applications will not have this capability due to technology and space limitations with RFID transponders.

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