Logical Link Control and Adaption Protocol

The Logical Link Control and Adaption Protocol (L2CAP) is used within the Bluetooth stack to provide a frame-oriented transport for user data. Data can either be transported connection-oriented (between two Bluetooth-enabled devices) or connectionless for broadcasting data. An application submits the data to the L2CAP service in variable-sized frames. The frames will be delivered to the remote device where the corresponding application can use the data in the same form.

L2CAP is built around the concept of channels. Each channel has its own identifier (CID) and represents an endpoint on the device. This allows for the separation of different applications. You can imagine the channels as being similar to ports in TCP and UDP.

The layers mentioned so far are basically everything needed to be able to communicate over Bluetooth. However, additional protocols, built on top of that foundation, further enhance the functionality of Bluetooth.

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