Media Injection and Manipulation







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This class of transport-level vulnerabilities encompasses a large number of different attacks, targeting both RTP and RTCP protocols. The common characteristic is that an attacker is able to inject rogue packets into a data stream. Depending on the form of RTP/RTCP packets inserted, several outcomes are possible:

• SSRC collisions resulting in interruption of arbitrary conversations

• SSRC manipulation to inject unsolicited arbitrary content inside the legitimate audio stream via higher timestamp and sequence numbers

• CoDec manipulation

• RTCP insertion to degrade the conversation's quality and RTP/RTCP insertion and CoDec manipulation to degrade the conversation's quality

Finally, it may also be possible to force VoIP equipment to effectively perform a media stream flood against an arbitrary target.

This attack can impact on integrity and availability requirements of the CIA paradigm, leading to denial of service and a special kind of call hijacking.

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