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During *NIX systems security testing, you may also encounter a specific OS with an X.25 card installed and a working X.25 link. The commands for performing X.25 calls are different for each OS. The following is a list of those most known for having X.25 PAD delivered with the operating system:

• DG/UX (Data General Aviion) Use the pad command with the syntax pad ' nua '. If you start the pad program by itself, you will see the prompt PAD:. In this case the correct syntax to use is C 'nua' or C A.'nua'. The X.25 configuration files can be found in /usr/opt/x25/, whereas the default PAD parameters are in /usr/opt/x25/etc/x3defaults. These may be useful in case you encounter receiving problems due to the X.25 PAD settings on systems with a custom configuration.

• IBM AIX Use the PAD command xu. The correct syntax is xu 'nua'.

• SCO UNIX SYSTEM V Use the PAD command xpad -d 'nua'. Note that if you do not specify the -d flag, your outgoing X.25 call will not work.

• SUN OS/ SUN SOLARIS If SunLink software is installed on the box, use the command pad with the syntax pad -t 0 'nua'. You can find useful configuration files in /opt/SUNWconn/bin/pad and /opt/SUNWconn/x25/ bin/pad.

• Unix BULL PAD As you may realize from this OS's distribution name (working on BULL servers DPS and DPX series), the X.25 call command is pad A'. nua '' or pad. In this last case, at the prompt, type C A.'nua' for DG/UX systems. On older releases of this OS, use the tpad command.

• HP-UX To launch the X.25 PAD use the padem. Once executed, you will obtain the standard X.3 PAD prompt (*). Insert the NUA you want to call.

• DIGITAL ULTRIX On this OS, use the PAD command x2 9login.

On other OS and/or Linux distributions, launch the command find / -name '*pad*' -print to discover all the possible different executable names (tpad, lpad, cpad, padem, pademu).

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