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While being "invisible" is a difficult task in the physical realm, it is not so difficult over data networks. To be invisible, a server need only not make itself known. It must be passive and not respond to any probes or inquiries where DROP ALL would be the most valid IP Chains configuration for all packet replies answering requests deliberately sent by the system itself.

You must know which vectors cannot see the system. A system can be visible from one vector, like the intranet, but not visible over the Internet due to having neither an external IP address nor external traffic routed to it. Making the system unknown to those who do not need to know about it reduces the attack surface and, therefore, the opportunity for attack.

Unfortunately, visibility is a necessary part of most services since marketing is the core of all business; you must present your wares in order to sell them. Therefore, it is necessary to strike the right balance between what assets should be known to maximize the usefulness and efficiency of services while minimizing exposure.







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Access is a means toward interactivity. Interactivity can be a response to a service request or even just being able to pick something up and walk out with it. Police studies have shown that access is one of the components of a suitable target. Remove the access and you shrink the attack surface. Provide access and you invite theft. However, access is also needed to provide a service.

A service cannot exist without interaction, without access. Like visibility, access is a required component of doing business, but mistakes are often made as to how much access should be given.

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