O Defending Against Auditing Hacking Platform Assembly

Bottom line: from a technical perspective, you can't stop someone from putting together a toolkit for auditing or hacking purposes any more than you can stop someone from producing a table fork. Preventing tools like wireless sniffers from being created, auditing platforms from being assembled, and code from being written is impossible. To stop the hands that put together hacking platforms, you'd have to be physically present to prevent the person from carrying out the physical action of constructing the tool or typing on the keyboard or whatever assembly activity he or she does.

The most obvious way moral guardians could prevent the development, compilation, and assembly of tools is by implementing laws against producing or compiling platforms. However, even with such laws in place, they can't practically prevent someone from producing or compiling these platforms. Enforcement is an entirely different matter, especially when cross-border cases are concerned.

In most jurisdictions at the time of writing, the creation, compilation, or assembly of a platform is not in itself illegal (nor should it be ruled illegal!), though some countries like Germany are trying to legislate it as being illegal. What really matters is the purpose of the platform or toolkit being created.

To use our example, anyone can use a table fork to eat or to poke someone in the eye. So does that mean we have to outlaw or ban table forks? The reason that an auditing/ hacking platform or tool compilation can be used for potentially evil purposes as a rationale for stopping or denying the distribution of said platforms or tools is absurd because it penalizes the security professionals who use these very same tools and platforms to conduct legitimate security auditing against their organization's networks and servers so they can find weaknesses before the attackers do. Attackers are not bound by laws, and they will continue with their activities irrespective of what laws are passed. Legislation that bans the development and use of auditing/hacking platforms and toolkits leaves the good guys, who use those same tools legitimately, with only knives to bring to a gunfight.

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