O Demanding Proper Subjugation

Subjugation is the locally sourced control over the protection and restrictions of interactions by the asset responsible. These controls can be subsets of acceptable inputs but also include all situations where the owner mandates a type of non-negotiable security level such as the level of encryption to be used in SSH, the necessity of HTTPS to access a particular website, or strong preselected passwords instead of user-defined ones.

Properly implemented subjugation requires defining the role and scope of the user exactly, the accessible and usable applications, and the role and scope of those applications on the system. This means that subjugation cannot work well on its own without other controls providing side-protection, like authentication to assure the roles, privacy, and confidentiality to protect the communication channel; integrity to maintain change states; and alarms for notifying administrators when other applications or data stores on the system are accessed regardless of role.

Most importantly, all subjugation controls must be initiated from a vector that the user cannot access or influence. Since attacks against this control can be made through physically placing a boot disk in the server and making changes through the terminal to malware run by a person with root privileges, all such vectors must be protected. Remember that even console video games, in which most users are familiar with subjugation controls in the form of special cartridges that require specific decoding knowledge and hardware, get hacked and read because users have access to all of the cartridge's vectors. It is also why Digital Rights Management (DRM) failed on CDs and DVDs.

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