O Preventing HTTP Request Smuggling Web Infrastructure Selection

Every device that is considered a part of the web application infrastructure needs to be securely configured to guarantee the security of the web application. If any part of the web application architecture is misconfigured, then the web application may be open to a variety of attacks.

Research and test web infrastructure components to ensure that vulnerabilities will not arise due to varying implementations of the relevant protocols. Devices such as application firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, load balancers, web caches, web caching proxies, and web servers can all play a part in creating a vulnerability. These vulnerabilities may be much harder to rectify since the relevant vendors would have to alter their implementations of the HTTP protocol, or else the devices would need to be replaced.

When performing threat modeling and determining whether your web application should be hosted on the same server, or even within the same environment, as third-party web applications, take into account the risks posed by these third-party applications. If these risks are too high and cannot be mitigated, then you need either to move the web application to another environment or create a dedicated environment.

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