O Preventing Memory Flashing Attacks

Ensuring that the mobile execution environment is exactly what the mobile operator expects it to be requires using a stronger form of authenticated boot called secure boot. Authenticated boot adds to the normal boot process by measuring all components and storing these measurements in the TPM before each component is started. Secure boot adds to the authenticated boot by comparing these measurements to expected values before the components can be started. If the measurement of a boot component does not correspond to the expected value, the boot is halted. This secure boot mechanism is only available on platforms having an MRTM and is implemented by enabling a remote control entity, such as the mobile network operator, to insert the expected PCR values, called Reference Integrity Metrics (RIMs), in the MRTM and specify which PCR should be checked at boot time.

Any attempt to modify the flash memory will simply block the mobile equipment locally, preventing the user from using it.

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