O Preventing Privilege Elevation

Careful configuration and implementation of some security measures can make up for weaknesses in other areas. For instance, if a company mandates that all server users and daemons operate in a carefully chrooted environment and utilize user accounts that have absolutely no permissions on that system, other than in the chrooted environment, the servers stand a much greater chance of withstanding most vulnerabilities that exist, even if the vulnerability is driver- or application-related.

The basic premise is to create as many "significant" layers of difficulty as possible. Do not give anything away for free. Usually, even the most dedicated attackers will move on to easier prey. Furthermore, a successful privilege escalation attack is limited by the following four items:

• The resourcefulness, skill, and patience of the individual attempting to perform a privilege escalation

• The dedication, skill, and experience of the systems administrator attempting to prevent privilege escalation and system compromise

• The sound architecture and secure code engineered by software developers in their pursuit to release only the highest quality product

• Enhancements in hardware designed to mitigate the various and sundry privilege escalation methods

In general, the first item is the greatest threat to a privilege escalation attack. Usually, if attackers are patient enough, have a good understanding of the environment being attacked, are up-to-date with current vulnerabilities and exploits affecting the target system, and are sufficiently determined, they will find a way to get the level of access they are seeking.

Administrators are often overworked, underskilled, and unable to keep up with the required maintenance to aid in systems security. Software developers have a tendency to ensure that the program works for its intended purpose, but they let users perform the majority of their quality assurance (especially as it pertains to vulnerability identification) and then pick up the pieces later. The odds, therefore, are on the dedicated attackers' side. Security professionals should keep this in mind

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