O Preventing Social Engineering

Considering the potential consequences, the best plan is to stop would-be attackers at the beginning. Prospective entrants to server rooms, especially visitors or contractors, should always be vetted to verify they are expected and have sufficient approvals. Any guests or contractors should be supervised at all times while in the server room. They should never be left unattended. Security awareness training for all personnel will also go a long way toward assuring such security processes are adhered to.

Although secure processes and security awareness training will reinforce such concepts, unauthorized physical access is still best hindered by

• Maintaining least privilege physical access controls by locking vital areas and providing unique keys only to specific personnel who need access

• Performing background checks, both criminal and financial, prior to granting physical access

• Designing the route used to access systems such that it passes more than one employee, especially employees with access privileges to the respective systems

• Mixing physical locks with more high-tech ones, so hacking the access control system does not grant access to places that also require a key

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