Object Exchange

Object Exchange (OBEX) is a communication protocol developed to exchange binary objects such as business cards or calendar entries between devices. It's not limited only to Bluetooth but also works with infrared communications (IrDA) and SyncML. OBEX is quite similar to HTTP in the sense that it provides a reliable transport for clients to connect to a server and request and provide objects. Usually OBEX will be implemented over L2CAP/RFCOMM in Bluetooth.

SyncML, or Synchronization Markup Language, is commonly used to synchronize contact and calendar information between computers and mobile devices. It is now officially referred to as Open Mobile Alliance Data Synchronization and Device Management, as development has been taken over by the Open Mobile Alliance.

OBEX is the foundation for the GOEP, OPP, FTP, SP, BIP, and BPP profiles and allows various services to be implemented, such as transferring files to and from a mobile device, synchronizing Personal Information Manager (PIM) applications and data, and printing from a mobile device to a printer.

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