Open Trusted Computing

The OpenTC project has developed a free/open-source software trusted computing system that ties together all the elements of trusted computing: the TPM, the DRTM (AMD's SKINIT instruction), the TSS, Xen, and L4 Open-Source hypervisors. It also provides an application that makes use of these components. The OpenTC system uniquely combines all the existing components (L4 and Xen, TPM emulator, TrouSerS TSS, tGrub, and jTSS) so as to provide a complete and usable environment for experimenting and developing Trusted Computing applications.

The OpenTC system first provides the user with an authenticate boot and offers to start one of the two hypervisors with different configurations. Once started, the trusted compartments (whose ramdisk file is measured) perform the TPM management operations (e.g., take ownership) and establish trusted communication using SSL/TLS tunnels to operate dual attestation between the application's client and server software. Various tools can be used to examine the state of the TPM and its PCRs and write scripts and applications.

The proof-of-concept prototype developed by the OpenTC project follows the scenario of a user connecting in a trustworthy manner to a banking server. The leveraging of Trusted Computing technology prevents attacks such as phishing (i.e., masquerading as the server) or spoofing (i.e., providing a false identity to connect to the server).

The source code from the OpenTC proof-of-concept prototype and a Live CD can be accessed at

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