The OpenMRTD project is developing open-source software for reading information contained on Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs). As part of this effort, OpenMRTD is developing a complete RFID stack for ISO 14443 A and B called librfid, as well as a library of software to read MRTDs, called libmrtd.

The librfid project is the only Free Software implementation of a 13.56 MHz RFID protocol stack, extended to other protocols such as the 14443 A-based proprietary Philips MIFARE and DESFIRE transponders. ISO 15693 support is still under development. librifd supports OpenPCD and Omnikey USB reader hardware. Normally, it is used as a shared library on the Linux PC in combination with a "dumb" RFID reader without an in-firmware RFID protocol stack, a stack which comes designed specifically for that hardware. However, the library has also been cross-compiled to ARM7-embedded CPUs; for example, you can use it as part of a custom reader firmware (only OpenPCD is currently supported in firmware mode). Since the microcontroller used in the reader has significant extra memory and CPU capacity, you can use OpenPCD as a stand-alone reader with user applications inside the reader firmware and without an external PC.

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