The OpenPCD project is a complement to the OpenMRTD project. OpenPCD is an open-source design for 13.56 MHz RFID reading devices. The reader hardware design is available under a creative common license and can be manufactured without any licensing fees. Ready-built OpenPCD readers, shown in Figure 10-3, can be purchased from the project's online store. The reader firmware is based on librfid (see the previous section). Since the entire reader hardware and firmware are open, this reader is particularly interesting for the security researcher. Every transmitted bit, including the timing, can be controlled. Thus, using OpenPCD you can easily send malformed packets, violate state transitions, or even perform fuzzing attacks on RFID tags.

The OpenPCD project has also developed a hardware device called rfiddump, shown in Figure 10-4. Using this device, you can eavesdrop on (sniff) communication between an existing tag and reader communication channel.

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