Organization Enumeration

Organization enumeration concentrates on searching for business-related information, such as the organizational hierarchy, departments, direction and planning, products and services, policies and processes, physical addresses, culture, regions, time zones, languages, alliances and partners, resellers, influential customers, vendors and distributors, investors, stocks and trading information, financial reporting, mergers and acquisitions, and anything else stated as confidential.

This allows an attacker to gain an understanding of the target organization, including possibly high-level weaknesses providing the attacker with a strong knowledge-base from which to launch an attack. These weaknesses may be due to the ability to exploit trust relationships between various external parties, or where policies and processes are leaked to the public allowing an attacker to determine how to interact with the organization and the jargon required to do so.

Apart from gathering this information via Internet search engines, corporate information websites such as,, and provide the public with detailed company information such as business summaries, financial blogs, analyst estimates and stock market statistics, insider information, executives' names and pay details, news headlines, and reports. Websites such as allow attackers to search for internal memos, leaked emails, and rumors about specific organizations, providing them with a clear insight into the business side of the organization, which may lead to social engineering attacks being performed with much greater precision.

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