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In the past, attackers accomplished the main information-gathering phase regarding a target company by going to the Yellow Pages (printed editions!): A company's PBX phone number, X.25, and Internet addresses could all be found there. When in the middle of this kind of attack, the information-gathering step is mandatory for the next phases of the security assessment. An attack is largely based on login brute-forcing; at the same time, close attention must be paid to account quality and password listings. Of course, when compared to the "old school" approach, Internet-based information gathering and competitive scouting sessions help quite a bit when looking for inspiration and related useful information and tips about your target. Please also refer to the OSSTMM, "Competitive Intelligence" section, to learn more about collecting detailed information related to a target company.

When employing brute-force attacks, attackers organize account names and password lists by target-market sector (IT, finance, industry, press, chemical, government, military) and very focused "typologies": most common passwords, most-used generic words, defaults only, first names only, surnames only, application names only, and so on.

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