Platter Locks and Circumvention

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In the last couple of years, some computer manufacturers have introduced password-protected hard drives (or platter locks), particularly for use in laptops. The password is stored in the chipset on the drive and is accessed or modified by the drive CMOS. This technology requires users to enter a password before the hard drive can be activated. During a cold or warm boot, this occurs just after the POST (at the time the hard drive is accessed), and it arrests the machine at that state until the password has been entered.

In a scenario where a password-protected hard drive is inserted into an accessory bay of an already booted laptop, the machine state is arrested and produces a hard-drive password entry screen. It will not perform any other functions, nor read to or write from, the respective hard disk until the correct password has been entered. Once the password has been entered, the machine automatically returns to the state it was in before the drive was inserted without requiring a reboot.

Although this may sound like a good idea, passwords that protect hard drives are often only a maximum of 8 bytes and have very small character sets (case-insensitive letters and numbers). These passwords can be brute-forced or even removed using a variety of methods. Several solutions exist for removing passwords, allowing drives to be imaged in a forensically sound manner, and replacing passwords afterward while the machine owner is unaware of the intrusion. Vogon (, a company specializing in data recovery, data conversion, and investigative services, has developed a password cracker pod specifically for this purpose. This functionality is mainly designed for forensic investigators and law enforcement officers who need covert access to machines, but it can be useful for administrative purposes as well.

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