Poly Space Verifier

PolySpace Technologies distributes the tool PolySpace Verifier (http://www.polyspace.com/ products.htm), which uses advanced abstract interpretation techniques to detect potential runtime errors in C, C++, and Ada programs.

This tool was designed to be as automatic as possible. This makes the tool simple to use when the analyzed program is within its target, but on the other hand, it makes it difficult to eliminate false alarms that do not reflect actual problems but are due to the approximations made by the tool.

All operations in the code are checked for runtime error and colored by error severity level. If an error will occur at runtime whatever the operating conditions, the operation is colored red. If the PolySpace Verifier has been able to prove that no error will ever occur, the operation is colored green. If the PolySpace Verifier has been unable to prove the absence or presence of runtime errors or if an error occurs only for some specific calling contexts, the operation is colored orange. In C, errors detected by PolySpace Verifier include read access to noninitialized data, out-of-bounds array access, overflows/ underflows, dangerous type conversions, illegally dereferenced pointers, divisions by zero and other arithmetic errors, and access conflicts on shared data. On C++, the PolySpace Verifier also detects dynamic errors related to object programming and inheritance as well as errors related to exception handling.

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