Private X28 PAD via a Standard or Toll Free PSTN or ISDN Number

When performing PBX security scanning, you may encounter private X.25 PADs connected to the PBX itself, rather than connected to toll-free numbers. This issue is an important one since attackers do perform mass toll-free numbering scans in order to find free access to public and private data networks.

The main issue for the penetration tester is to realize that you've encountered an X.25 PAD and, most of all, to understand the way it works. Once you have set the correct connection parameters on your terminal emulator (E71 or 8N1), in order to get a correct answer from the remote system, study the error messages you receive to see if you encounter a PAD or not.

The hardest part is to obtain the PAD and make a successful X.25 call. First of all, make sure the X.25 NUA works, so you can try to call it and get the answer code. You can also use commands such has help, ?, call, pad, and so on.

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