Psdn Testing Tools

This section details a few open-source tools that we have been able to identify for your personal and professional use when performing PSDN penetration tests.

The scanning approach in the X.25 world is really different from the PSTN and ISDN worlds: X.25 addresses are not public and should not be disclosed. Also, the attacker on X.25 networks is generally highly skilled due to the fact that X.25 customers are mainly financial, government, military institutions, and corporate and multinational companies.

Because of this only two developers have decided so far to release in the wild their X.25 scanners. Years ago, I wrote the first-ever VAX/VMS X.25 scanner, and other friends have since written similar software for *NIX and Linux platforms. This section also describes a few other X.25 scanners for *NIX. Hopefully, your underground contacts are good enough to be able to get them.

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