In NetBSD and FreeBSD, rc(8) supports running chroot(8) out of the box; it will automatically set up the jailed environment, including the creation of a /var/run/log socket inside the chroot so that syslogd(8) still works. rc.subr(8) further describes the user, group, groups, and chroot variables.

Here's an example of a custom statically linked program without built-in chroot capability running with dropped privileges through the rc(8) framework:

# $NetBSD: ircd-hybrid.sh,v 1.2 2003/08/23 10:52:50 seb Exp $

# PROVIDE: ircdhybrid

# REQUIRE: DAEMON name="ircdhybrid" rcvar=$name pidfile="/usr/local/ircd/etc/ircd.pid" command="/usr/local/ircd/bin/ircd" command_args="> /dev/null 2>&1 &" conffile="/usr/local/ircd/etc/ircd.conf" required_files="$conffile"

start_precmd=ircd_hybrid_precmd ircd_hybrid_precmd () {

/usr/bin/touch $pidfile && /usr/sbin/chown irc $pidfile && /bin/chmod 600 $pidfile

# without chroot, _group and _groups are derived from the passwd database.

# with chroot, _group and _groups must both be specified or root's will be kept.

: ${_user:=irc} : ${_group:=irc} : ${_groups:=irc} rc_flags="-foreground $rc_flags"

. /etc/rc.subr load_rc_config $name run_rc_command "$1"

To call this rc script, add these lines to /etc/rc.conf:





ircdhybrid_flags="-configfile /usr/local/ircd/etc/ircd.conf"

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