Rfid Hackers Toolkit

You can easily obtain the RFID hacker's toolkit from public sources. First, purchase a reader to communicate with the target tags. Which reader you select will vary depending on frequency and ISO standard. Most often, appropriate readers may be in a CompactFlash (CF) format and used in a handheld device.

Most readers communicate using serial programs. These programs make it easy to build simple scripts and hacking tools. Vendor protocol specs and sample applications are also available for improving understanding of each implementation.

Once you've obtained the reader, the next step is to build an antenna. Antennae are available off the shelf, but you'd need to build a custom antenna for long-distance attacks. Furthermore, you'll need to build the appropriate antenna for the frequency you'll be skimming. The right antenna is crucial to getting good read ranges. To read a 13.56 MHz RFID tag, you need an antenna capable of receiving a 22.12 meter wavelength, which makes it difficult to read precisely. Therefore, the best results come from small loop antennas. To get readings only 30 cm away, you need a copper tube loop antenna with a circumference of about 40 cm.

Building a reader or skimmer is not inherently difficult; however, a person with little electronics experience may have trouble with this as a first project. Fortunately, most of these are sold in kits as well. Even commercial kits from the companies who make the tags are a viable option if you're motivated to hack the antenna to gain a greater reading range.

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