Simon Biles

Simon Biles is the director and lead consultant at Thinking Security, a UK-based InfoSec Consultancy. He is the author of The Snort Cookbook from O'Reilly, as well as other material for ISECOM, Microsoft, and SysAdmin magazine. He is in currently pursuing his masters in forensic computing at the Defence Academy in Shrivenham. He holds a CISSP, OPSA, is an ISO17799 Lead Auditor, and is also a Chartered Member of the British Computer Society. He is married with children (several) and reptiles (several). His wife is not only the most beautiful woman ever, but also incredibly patient when he says things like "I've just agreed to ... <insert time-drain here>." In his spare time, when that happens, he likes messing about with Land Rovers and is the proud owner of a semi-reliable, second-generation Range Rover.

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