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Most of the tools involved in conducting wireless hacking and auditing are designed for Linux first and then a few get ported to Windows. This presents a challenge for those who are limited in installing Linux onto a machine, e.g., the machine belongs to the company and they have strict policies and enforcement regarding the loading of software onto company laptops or the repartitioning of company-supplied-laptop hard drives.

Fortunately, one tool category helps to alleviate this problem by compressing the entire Linux operating system and various assorted tools onto a single CD or DVD. These types of toolkits are generically categorized as LiveCDs because the entire operating system and tool environment is "live" on the CD. You need only load the CD into your CD-ROM drive and boot it up. As this chapter deals with wireless hacking on the Linux platform, introducing a free, specialized wireless auditing software toolkit called the OSWA-Assistant for you to download and try is appropriate. You can download a copy at http://oswa-assistant.securitystartshere.org.

The OSWA-Assistant has the following features:

• CD-based toolkit is specifically designed for wireless auditing/hacking.

• Auditing/hacking of 802.11 (WiFi), Bluetooth, and RFID technologies are allowed.

• Menu arrangement and interface are optimized for user efficiency and ease of use (meaning you don't have to hunt for entries all over the place).

• Tools are all in one location under /usr/local/apps, making for easier log or packet dump file access. You don't need to install any software on your laptop or modify your laptop hard drive.

• You can plug in a thumbdrive to save packet dumps, logs, and files.

• The ActivityMap help system is designed to help homeowners and SOHO setups conduct basic wireless auditing of their own wireless networks.

• FAQ and hardware/software documentation is provided on the CD itself and also at the toolkit's download site.

• The tool is free to download and use!

The software toolkit contains GPLed and freely usable software that can be used by anyone for any legitimate purpose such as helping run a wireless penetration test against an organization's WLAN or to test a home network for weaknesses.

You download the LiveCD in the form of an .iso image. After downloading the .iso image, you can use any CD-image-burning software (e.g., K3B on Linux or any other software capable of burning .iso images) to write the image to a standard 700MB/80-minute CD.

A web-based interface automatically loads once you've booted the CD and are inside the toolkit's graphical interface. Apart from a brief explanation for the rationale and uses of the toolkit, it allows users to select whether they want to run the ActivityMap help system or not. The toolkit's creator, ThinkSECURE, recommends that first-time users go through the ActivityMap help system to access some how-to documentation to guide users in doing certain things, such as changing a wireless card's MAC address for doing wireless frame injection.

One new addition to the OSWA-Assistant toolkit is the MoocherHunter wireless hacker/moocher tracking software (see http://moocherhunter.securitystartshere.org). With the appropriate hardware, this software helps law-enforcement and wireless network administrators to track unauthorized wireless users who may be tapping into both secured and unsecured wireless networks. Since moochers, by definition, want to use the service, they are faced with a choice of either mooching and revealing themselves or not mooching. This tool is only available as part of the OSWA-Assistant under a special license.

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