Static ARP Entries

There isn't any specific DNS configuration that will stop an attacker from trapping DNS requests via MITM attacks. Therefore, the solution to DNS spoofing needs to be aimed more toward defeating MITM attacks.

ARP spoofing attacks can be defeated on Linux by using static ARP entries, which will in turn mitigate many MITM attacks. This will ensure that forged ARP replies are not able to poison the local ARP cache on the Linux server. Other operating systems may still be vulnerable to ARP cache poisoning even when using static ARP entries. Static ARP entries are not a popular solution to this problem because they are not easily managed; therefore, ARP monitoring software, such as arpwatch, is a more popular solution to detect MITM attacks, rather than to prevent them.

MITM attacks are usually quite effective because of the large number of systems located within each VLAN. By creating VLANs containing only a small number of systems, you restrict the targets that an attacker is able to poison using this attack.

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