After learning about the many vulnerabilities that a web application can be exposed to, most people new to web application security, including a large percentage of developers, are absolutely amazed at the countless ways that a web application can be attacked in order to manipulate or destroy its core purpose. This arises due to the organization not following a web application security framework when developing its systems, which includes:

• Security awareness training for users to minimize information leakage and reduce the human security hole.

• Building security into your SDLC to ensure security is not an afterthought.

• Securing web server configurations and performing patching and upgrades to prevent system and application compromise.

• Validating all web application data to guarantee that your web application functions as expected.

• Keeping up-to-date with the latest Web 2.0 attacks to ensure that you are implementing appropriate security measures.

• Ensuring your web architecture is secure. Firewalls won't protect you from web application attacks. Intrusion prevention systems and software are a must, but make sure they are configured and tuned for your environment.

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