This chapter has covered a wide variety of topics pertaining to COMMSEC that can be used to increase the ability to monitor, secure, and remediate a network and its hosts. It has provided a robust defense-in-depth strategy that can be implemented in whole, or in part, in various stages and at various times.

Many of the items covered provide security not by adding some additional tool or utility, but by creating a sound and well-planned architecture from the start that provides least access. This chapter has shown that the principle of least access is vital to any security architecture, measure, or methodology.

We've attempted to show clearly the inseparable link between PHYSEC and COMMSEC. Truly robust COMMSEC is impossible without having similarly robust PHYSEC, and vice versa.

Finally, we covered some useful incident response and forensic techniques that you can use to respond to, and recover from, various types of compromises. If followed, these techniques can improve the quality of response, increase the speed of recovery, and ensure that systems can be brought back online with confidence.

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