Trusted Computing is a recent and emerging new security technology that aims to move the security of next-generation computing platforms to the next level. This is a general paradigm based on standards specified by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), an industrial consortium ensuring openness of the standards and interoperability of the implementations.

Trusted Computing introduces many new components in the computer architecture and mainly relies on the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), a security chip that provides cryptographic capabilities and secure storage. Using the TPM, software executing on the Trusted Platform can be measured so as to ensure its integrity and the software architecture's robustness by ensuring that the sequence of software executing forms a chain of trust and defines unequivocally the platform state.

In addition to the TCG components, Trusted Computing leverages virtualization technologies for executing operating systems in a restricted environment and to enforce security policies in a strict way. The combination of hypervisors and TCG capabilities provides system designers and developers with the basic building blocks for implementing trusted systems.

Many components of Trusted Computing are readily available to the free/open-source software community and offer an exciting opportunity to not only this community but also the whole computing industry to push back the security threats that have been hampering the development of the digital world, from eCommerce to eHealth. Moreover, because this technology is still new and the standards are evolving, many opportunities to develop trusted systems and improve the paradigm exist.

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